What We Do

Work documented by Jared Lindsay Photography

You know your fruits, and you know your vegetables, and you know you should eat them. But what do you know about growing them?

Do you know how they thrive? How they die? Have you seen them flourish after a heavy rain or wither to a hard frost? Most importantly, have you ever eaten something that you grew in your own yard?

Our goal at Folklore Farms is to educate our clients in sustainable ways to grow their own food. We have found that the primary barrier to growing food is not time or money or space (although people think it is!) but rather education. People can’t do what they don’t know! If you are observant enough to notice when the trees are dropping their leaves or when the first flowers are blooming in the spring or when the first blackberries of the season come in, then you are more than ready to start learning how to grow food at your own home!

Whatever space, time, or money you have, if you are interested in having food growing at your own home, we are the people you are looking for.
    I started by weeding strawberries.
    Katie started with a failed container garden in college.
    It can start anywhere.
    It can start with you!